Retail Technology Show Recap – 2024

The Retail Tech Show in London proved once more the common touch point connecting hardware and software vendors with retailers: to provide the easiest and most intuitive solutions backed by state-of-the-art technologies. When it comes to implementing these solutions, there is a quick and measurable ROI, and another aspect that gets more and more attention as well: employee well-being. The show in London proved that talking more about this aspect has become inevitable by now. 

So, let’s focus a bit on how employee well-being correlates directly with business outcomes, and how Quickborn can help in enhancing this area. 

Retail is the largest industry in terms of employee headcount confirmed by plenty of statistics and facts. As Tim Walpole (Head of Production and Innovation, Retail Trust) pointed out during his presentation in London: the estimated metrics on employee well-being are

  • 22 billion GBP of staff turnover as a result of poor mental health
  • 28 billion GBP of presenteeism 
  • and 6 billion GBP of absenteeism 

to UK employees.

For overseas statistics, Gallup reports in “The State of the American Workplace” that employees who are happy can better develop customer relationships, with a resulting 20% increase in sales. (Click the picture below for the full article.)

There are several options for improving workplace wellbeing such as offering a meaningful employee development program, making training part of the culture, showing employees that they are supported, create a fun work environment, give rewards and recognition, and we could go on and on. But providing the best possible software is also a key factor in having engaged employees.

World-famous organizational expert Marie Kondo’s decluttering strategy asks before deciding whether to remove an item or not: “does it spark joy“? 

Users of retail applications should be asking a similar question: “Does it make my job easier?”. If the answer is not in the solution’s favor, you may already have serious impacts on critical business functions. Does any of your solutions break repeatedly? Or demands big efforts for small gains? It is time to consider an alternative. 

Nowadays, good software reduces or completely eliminates repetitive tasks and manual labor. SaaS solutions solve pain points and help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively by increasing productivity, reducing human error, and enabling better decision-making. Relevant polls are also confirming increased professional happiness. 

Hence, we can safely say that easy-to-use software is critically important for your business. A well-crafted UI/UX will result in 

  • better decision-making backed by data
  • regained time from automation
  • increased value from customization
  • peace of mind with data security

At Quickborn, we are specialized in the latest retail applications and technologies, which enables us not only to implement but to further tailor systems for your business, and to continuously monitor and support them. Drawing on over 20 years of expertise working with Oracle Retail and other leading retail solution vendors for industry-leading clients, we stand fully prepared to conquer the area of workplace happiness of your employees. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your retail operations.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your store operations thrive.


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