We implement best practice retail capabilities that drive retailers to outperform competition, by achieving high level of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency across all channels of trade.

We deliver value

We help retailers succeed in a rapidly changing environment by delivering modern solutions that enhance customer loyalty and improve operational efficiency. Our team specializes in advising, implementing, and supporting world-class retail solutions, with unique expertise in SAAS and cloud implementations.

We’re committed to delivering results quickly and flexibly, to help you outperform your competition.

What we do
Who we are


Ensuring that every aspect of our services is of the highest standard

Who we are


Quickly adapting to changing circumstances and client needs to build long-term relationships

Who we are


Delivering consistent and dependable services to build trust and establish a reputation

Full-Service Retail Partnership

Quickborn Consulting offers a full-service retail partnership, from strategy consulting to implementation and 24/7 support to all our partners. Whether you are looking to improve your customer experience, increase sales, or simply operate more efficiently, our full-service retail solutions can help you achieve your goals.

What we do


Strong product development background

Extensive experience in supporting global organizations

Wide range of retail domain expertise

Implementation &

Tailored end-to-end project management

Maximized business benefits and speed to value

Cost efficient and reduced risks

Flexible methodology

Tech Consulting &

Extensive Java experience:

Angular, React, cross-browser HTML & CSS Typescript/JavaScript Node.js

Event-driven serverless development

AWS, Azure and Oracle services


24/7 monitoring, fix, recovery and enhancements

Regular reporting and proactive recommendation

Hosting on prem and cloud (Saas)

Our fields of expertise

Our expert team advises, consults, implements, integrates and supports all Oracle Retail solutions on SAAS, in cloud and on premise world-wide in all retail channels and sectors: fashion, department, grocery, fuel, convenience, electronics and DIY. We will help you achieve your goal by implementing next practice retail capabilities that will help you outperform your competition. 

QBCS Xstore Cert
QBCS Partner Cert MF

Planning & Optimization

Oracle’s Planning & Optimization solutions leverages advanced analytics from historical data, forecasting future trends, and optimizing strategies. Retailers can improve demand forecasting accuracy, optimize inventory levels, and enhance assortment planning, ultimately driving profitability and customer satisfaction.


Services in this category focus on optimizing retail operations and improving the customer experience. This includes managing inventory and supply chain operations, optimizing pricing and promotions to maximize profitability, and reducing markdowns. Retail management solutions can help retailers improve product availability, optimize margins, and increase sales.

Stores & Omnichannel

Services in this category focus on improving customer engagement and experience, both in-store and online.

This includes developing mobile applications, implementing buy online and pick up in-store options, and improving the overall omnichannel experience. These solutions can help retailers increase customer loyalty and drive revenue growth.

Supply Chain Management

Oracle’s Supply Chain solution optimizes retail supply chain operations. With tools for demand planning, supplier collaboration, inventory optimization, and logistics management, retailers can streamline procurement, reduce costs, minimize stock-outs, and improve overall efficiency. By leveraging real-time data and analytics, retailers can meet customer demand effectively, maintain optimal inventory levels, and mitigate operational risks, resulting in a more efficient and responsive supply chain.

Analytics & Other Certifications

Oracle Analytics is a complete platform with ready-to-use services for a wide variety of workloads and data, while Retail Home is a role-based, web portal for the retail enterprise and a user’s launch pad to data and supporting solutions most relevant to their role: buyer, planner, inventory analyst, promotional manager, to name just a few. Furthermore, Retail Insights completes these solutions with thousands of pre-integrated metrics to fasten onboarding of users and supports focus on their key daily tasks.