Oracle Retail Home Implementation – Case Study

Retailers tackle challenges across a broad range of areas within the business from merchandising, finance, planning, logistics, stores and commerce. Having visibility across all areas in the business in a single dashboard is key to tackle issues that require attention quickly. To ensure every team member in a retailer organization has fast access to all relevant pieces of information in a single place, a configurable dashboard is needed.

Oracle Retail Home

Oracle Retail Home (ORH) is included in Oracle’s retail cloud solutions and is fully integrated into Oracle’s cloud ecosystem. It is a dashboard tool providing a highly configurable portal for retail business users to quickly and effectively gain insight into ongoing business performance, potential problem areas, and action items requiring attention.

Retail Home Configuration

Retail Home can be configured according to business needs:

  • be used like a portal to access all required applications
  • display a complete dashboard based on tiles to highlight important metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) across applications
  • receive different types of notifications coming from Oracle applications

All these features allow Retail Home to provide the most relevant information to users with real-time insights leveraging the analytics dashboard, predictive recommendations and data-driven decisions.  

Using Retail Home dashboards, users can focus on issues requiring attention in the business, instead of spending time on reporting looking for relevant information required to understand current performance.

Case Study

One of our European department store retailer clients has recently tasked our team to implement a series of dashboards as part of their next generation Oracle Retail Merchandising Foundation Cloud Service implementation.

The objective of these dashboards is to ensure each user has a single view portal relevant to the responsibilities of their role, where they see all information they need, real time, to perform their job effectively and quickly.

Quickborn has worked closely with key users from the retailer’s business team to implement and configure all components. The implementation took less than 4 days per dashboard, including analysis, design, configuration, testing and handover.

For example, the retailer needed to view the ordered value, the received value and the difference in percent, for all orders of the current season. In addition to these data, a chart showing the received value and the difference by department (item hierarchy) was added for efficient management of orders.

Another example is a tile containing the number of item references having a stock on hand in warehouse but no stock on hand in all stores. The click on tile title opens Analytics Publisher containing the detail of these item references.


Implementing Oracle Retail Home offers a single portal to view relevant data, based on roles and responsibilities, to help the users to take actions and decisions to increase customer satisfaction quickly and efficiently.

Next Steps

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