QBCS Sponsors Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2023

QBCS sponsors Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2023!

Our experts are attending ORIF 2023 between October 10-12. Meet with us in person to discuss how to take your retail business to the next level!

Oracle Retail Industry Forum 2023:
Why you should attend

“Oracle Retail Industry Forum is a unique executive retail forum that connects brands from across Europe
to share lessons learned, best practices, and innovative ideas about the future of Modern Retail.
 Here is why we think you should attend the event:


A Dedicated Retail Focus: Unlike generic conferences that touch on various industries, the Oracle Retail Industry Forum is 100% retail-focused. This specialized approach ensures that attendees gain insights that are tailor-made for the challenges and opportunities specific to the retail sector. From brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce giants, from small boutiques to multinational retail chains, the forum caters to the diverse spectrum of the retail world.

Sharing Wisdom, Driving Success: One of the most valuable aspects of the Oracle Retail Industry Forum is its emphasis on customer-delivered presentations. Real-world retail practitioners take the stage to share their experiences, strategies, and lessons learned. These firsthand accounts provide a unique opportunity for attendees to grasp the challenges faced by fellow retailers and the innovative solutions they’ve devised to navigate the rapidly changing retail landscape.

Empowering Networking Opportunities: In addition to the wealth of knowledge shared through presentations, the forum offers ample networking activities. In a more relaxed and informal atmosphere, retailers can forge lasting connections with their peers. This networking platform fosters an environment where retailers can exchange advice, collaborate on solving common issues, and gain insights on how to stay relevant in today’s competitive marketplace.

Provocative Panel Discussions: The Oracle Retail Industry Forum takes pride in conducting thought-provoking panel discussions on the latest trends in retail. These engaging sessions bring together industry experts, thought leaders, and retail professionals to delve into the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing the retail sector. By exploring new ideas and perspectives, the forum stimulates fresh thinking and encourages attendees to embrace innovation.

Access to Expertise: One of the key advantages of participating in the Oracle Retail Industry Forum is the unparalleled access to Oracle Retail subject matter experts, the partner community, and the executive team. Attendees can tap into this wealth of expertise to gain deeper insights into Oracle’s retail solutions and how they can be tailored to meet their specific business needs.

Our experts at QBCS are going to attend ORIF as well. Let’s meet at the event!

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