Quickborn partners with Oracle Retail Addons – Press Release

November 20, 2020

Delaware, USA

Quickborn Consulting LLC partners with Oracle Retail Addons, a specialized platform for the distribution and sale of retail solution enhancements.

The purpose of this collaboration is to introduce functional enhancements, built by Quickborn Consulting for its global retailer customer ecosystem, to the global retailer community via Oracle Retail Addons’ specialized online marketplace.

Oracle Retail Addons is an organization that was created as an independent entity founded on the partnership of its retailer customers and its solution provider members. Oracle Retail Addons works closely with retailers and solution provider partners to build, maintain and support packaged solutions for retailers on premise and in the cloud (as SAAS solutions) that provide additional functionalities to Oracle Retail solutions’ base capabilities.

The partnership and collaboration between Quickborn and Oracle Retail Addons is expected to drive additional opportunities for both parties and value to the global retailer community looking to find faster solution options to common functional needs.

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