QBCS Sponsors Oracle Retail Cross Talk

QBCS is attending Cross Talk 2023!

Our experts are attending Oracle’s Cross Talk 2023 between July 17-19. Meet with us in person to discuss how to take your retail business to the next level!

Why you should attend

“Oracle Retail Cross Talk is an exclusive industry forum that delivers
authentic content, cultivates connections, and celebrates comradery.”

 Here is why we think you should attend the event:

Education and Insights:

Industry events and conferences provide a golden opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain valuable insights. The power-packed sessions at Cross Talk will equip you with the latest trends, strategies, and innovations in the retail industry. Stay updated, stay informed!

Global Perspectives:
Cross Talk brings together visionaries from around the globe, offering a truly international perspective. Engage with speakers and attendees from different markets, exchange ideas, and gain fresh insights into diverse retail landscapes. Broaden your horizons and embrace the power of a global community!

Networking Opportunities:
Rub shoulders with fellow professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders at Oracle’s Cross Talk! Building meaningful connections is crucial for success. Share ideas, collaborate, and forge partnerships that can propel your business forward. Networking is the key to unlocking endless possibilities!

Community and Support:

By attending Cross Talk, you’ll become part of an exclusive community of retail enthusiasts, passionate entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who understand your challenges and can offer valuable support. Together, we can conquer new heights!

Our experts at QBCS are going to attend Cross Talk as well. Let’s meet at the event!

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